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The influx of refugees and immigrants from Myanmar coming to the United States over the last two decades has brought about a growing need for ministry efforts. Despite the passing of time, many refugee and immigrant young people from Myanmar still face challenges such as cultural shock, generational conflicts, financial hardship, and spiritual malnourishment,etc.. The 2023 NAD Myanmar Youth Convention, with the theme "Bent But Not Broken," highlights their struggles, and aims to provide hope and freedom in Christ. The goal of this youth convention is to connect youth and young adults from Myanmar's diverse ethnic groups with each other to be co-laborers with Jesus Christ, their Savior and Best Friend. It is our prayer that each attendee will be filled with the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit

The vision of the North American Division Myanmar Adventist Ministries' (NADMAM) Youth Department is to assist young refugees and immigrants from Myanmar become faithful followers of Jesus. The department's goals are to serve, train, support, and mentor youth and young adults while emphasizing love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, unity in diversity, and service as our core values.

KhaiKhai Cin
NAD Myanmar Youth Director


Worship & Testimonies


    1. Mission
    2. Physical & Mental Health
    3. Relationship
    4. Leadership Development
  • Cultural Show
  • Song Writing Competition (Theme Song)
  • Singing Competition
  • Bible Recitation/Action Competition
  • Sport Competition:
    • Soccer,
    • Volleyball,
    • Table Tennis
  • International Food
  • Community Services (On Sabbath to Be The Sermon!)
  • Youth Evangelism Fund

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Thank you for attending and making NAD Myanmar Youth Convention a success!